Brenda and Brent - Our Travels


We are Brenda Eaton and Brent Beach, and we travel now and then. We write these pages as we travel so our friends and family can keep up to date. We also want to share our travel experiences with others -- in return for all the useful travel information we have found on the Net. [Little did we know when we started doing that that we were blogging!]

Dec 2008/Feb 2009 - Kilimanjaro and Namibia

March/April 2008 - 6 weeks in Peru and Bolivia.

March/April 2007 - 3 weeks in Italy - cycling from Venice to Rome.

January 2007 - 4 weeks in Africa - Uganda and Tanzania.

March 2006 - 3 weeks in Central America - Costa Rica and Guatemala.

September 2005 - 3 weeks in Central Europe - Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic.

September 2004 - an 8 month cycling trip in 9 countries.

October 1999 - Before digital cameras and web pages we traveled to Australia, South America, France, Greece, and took a 4 month AROUND THE WORLD cruise. Web pages for those trips will be completed some time in the future.

Email us while we are away using the email address on this picture.

Kilimanaro and Namibia

Kilimanjaro In Feb 2007 we flew from Dar es Salam, passing near Mt Kilimanjaro. You can see the main features in this picture: the remnants of the glacier on the north side, the caldera in the middle.

You can also see that it still snows at the top. We hope this won't be happening during our Kilimanjaro climb.

This map shows our basic route through Namibia, starting at the upper right yellow placemark - Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls.

From there, we go west through northern Namibia to the coast then along the coast to southern Namibia and on to Capetown.

This is an embeded google map. It has all the usual google map functions. You can even switch to satellite view.

You can see the Namibia portion of our trip here.


Peru map Our Peru time begins in Lima, with a 3 day excursion into the western slope of the Andes in the Santa Eulalia valley.

After 8 days in Bolivia, we return to southern Peru at Lake Titicaca. We will explore the lake, then continue on to Cusco. We will be hiking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. We work our way back to Cusco, then down into the Amazon, spending time at two lodges in the Amazon.


Bolivia map In Bolivia, we are exploring the high plateau called the Altiplano. We drive from La Paz to Uyuni, then spend 4 days circling the salt flats. We return to Peru at Lake Titicaca.

The pictures from Bolivia were added on April 6, 2008. Brenda's diary will follow.


Italy map From March 28 to April 20, our first visit to Italy. Venice, Florence, Rome - ancient history. Tuscany - cycling up hills all day! As we go, Brenda will be writing her trip diary and I will be doing pictures and commentary.

  • Venice - 4 nights

  • 3 days cycling from Venice through the Po valley (very flat), then

  • Bologna - 2 days cycling from Venice, then a couple of days with our friends Gerri and Sergio.

  • Florence - 3 nights

  • Tuscany - 9 days cycling through the hills and down to the coast then

  • Rome - 3 nights


  • January 8 - 21 - a guided bird watching tour of Uganda.

    1. From Kampala to Murchison Falls, on the Blue Nile
    2. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest
    3. Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
    4. Birding in Mubwindi Swamp, Lake Mburo National Park
    5. Ending at Bukoba, Tanzania on the south east side of Lake Victoria.

  • Jan 22 - Feb 6 - a guided safari through northern Tanzania.

    1. Night ferry across Lake Victoria to Mwanza, Tanzania.
    2. Serengeti National Park for the big animals
    3. Ngorongoro Crater and Oldupai Gorge for the animals, birds, archeology and Maasai villages
    4. Arusha and a climb of Amani Peak
    5. Magamba Rainforest walk
    6. Zanzibar to end the trip.

Central America

March 4 - 15 - a guided bird watching tour of Costa Rica.

March 15 - 25 - on our own in the markets and Mayan ruins of Guatemala.

Central Europe

In the fall of 2005 we traveled by car in Old Europe for 3 weeks - visiting Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and the small towns between the big cities.

We followed the route show on this map. Nights in the big cities we booked ahead. Nights in the smaller towns are unplanned.



Czech Republic

Cycling trip

Brenda and Brent We spent 8 months, starting in September 2003, traveling through 9 countries, cycling in most of those countries. The details of that trip are to be found on these web pages.

* We took this picture with the camera resting on my bicycle seat at the 5,000 kilometre point in this trip. We were on the south island of New Zealand, cycling between Westport and Murchison, along the beautiful Buller River.