Brenda and Brent, Dan and Merrilee - Tanzania

Brenda has finished her diary for the Tanzania portion of the trip.

Tanzania map

This is what Google Earth thinks Tanzania looks like. Double click to make it a little bigger, single click to return to small version.

We will be entering from the Northwest corner, crossing Lake Victoria by night ferry to meet our guides in Mwanza. We are going to spend a day in the area of the lake, looking at how the locals live and visiting museums and cultural events.

Then out into the wilds - onto the Serengeti to look for Wildebeest and Zebras, along with the carnivors that follow the herds. We expect to visit a Maasai village as well.

On to the Ngorongoro Crater and the Oldupai Gorge (early homanid bones) for more big game watching.

On to Arusha and the mountains of eastern Tanzania, including a hike up Amani Peak and some bird watching. More time spent in villages, seeing several different tribes.

We end our trip in Zanzibar.

Will fill in the route as we go, along with pictures of animals and villages.

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