Brenda and Brent, Dan and Merrilee - Uganda

The Ugands trip report is now spread over 6 pages. If you want to look for a particular part of the trip, follow one of the links in this list:
Uganda map Uganda is a fairly small country. This map has been resized to fit on the page. If you double click on the map it will grow to fill the screen. Wait - click on it and it will shrink back to the small version. Either way it is not a big country - about 500 kilometres wide, perhaps 600 kilometres from top to bottom.

This map is done in shaded relief with darker colours indicating greater altitude. Uganda appears to be quite flat. The big lake at the bottom is Lake Victoria, altitude around 1200 metres (4000 ft). The Nile flows north from Lake Victoria and the altitude drops gradually to 1000 metres in the north.

The Equator runs just south of Kampala - good thing this is a high plateau. The south west corner is a little higher - 1500 metres - that is where the Gorilla's and Chimpanzees are!

Uganda map This is what Google Earth thinks Uganda looks like - again, double click for a larger view.

This map has rivers in blue - the Nile shows up nicely.

Uganda map with route

Trip Route

So, here is the route we took - again, double click for the big picture.

We landed at Entebbe, then headed directly to

  1. Mabamba Wetlands in search of the fabled Shoebill,
  2. Overnight in Kampala
  3. Next day we drove to the Nile Safari Camp, on the Nile in Murchison Park.
  4. We spent most of the next day on a game and bird drive in Murchison Park, on the north side of the Nile.
  5. The afternoon we took a small cruise boat up the Nile to Murchison Falls, returning to the Nile Safari Camp for the night.
  6. A long drive to Kibale National Park to see the Chimpanzees. We spent two nights at the Chimpanzee Guest House.
  7. A long drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where we stayed at the Buhoma Community Camp for 2 nights and the Ruhija ITFC Guest House for 2 nights.
  8. On to Lake Mburo National Park for 2 nights.
  9. End of the Uganda portion of the trip in Tanzania, at Bukoba - the western end of a lake ferry that took us to Mwanza, the start of the Tanzania portion of the trip.
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