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Argentina, Uruguay

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The diaries just keep coming - thanks to a rainy day or two along the way.

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This map is not a good as our New Zealand maps, but you get the idea.
  • April 26

    After a terrific few days in the forests of northern Argentina at Iguazu, we took a bus back to Buenos Aires (yellow line).

  • April 19.

    We bused from Punta del Este to Colonia (yellow line), another ferry (blue line), then an overnight bus ride to Iguazu Falls (yellow line) in norther Argentina.

  • April 15.

    We took buses to Montevideo (yellow lines), then to Chuy on the east coast at the Brasilian border. We cycled to San Miguel, then back along the coast toward Montevideo (thr red line), finding few hotels still open as the season is over.

  • April 8.

    We stayed jet lagged for a couple of days. A ferry (the short blue line) to Colonia. Then the first real cycling day (the red line heading north from Colonia). Five hours of cycling seemed to get us back in synch with the sun. But not with the Uruguay eating schedule - fancy restaurants don't open for dinner until 9pm. That is just too late for us to get an early start and beat the heat. We have been forced to eat in pizza joints - oh well.

    We cycled through 2 very hot days - 36C in the shade and a head wind most of the second day. Both days over 110 kms. We were very tired. This is Easter Weekend here and we are having lots of trouble getting hotels farther north - an area of thermal pools which is the standard Easter vacation place for people from Montevideo. We decided to take a rest day in Paysandu then take a bus to Montevideo and the eastern coast tomorrow.

  • April 1.

    After 26 hours in transit - no missed connections, no lost luggage, just two very long flights. We are in downtown Buenos Aires getting ready for cycling in Argentina and Uruguay (mostly Uruguay). Our bodies cannot keep up - we are stuck in a jet lag syndrome that has us wide awake at 2am then tired for the rest of the day.

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