Brenda and Brent - Trip Diary

As of April 15, 2004.

We have finished the final updates to the New Zealand pages - more pictures for both the South and North Islands, as well as a final trip diary from Brenda.

As of Mar 31, 2004

We finished our tour of the area north of Aukland. It is a rural and unlike the big cities as any part of the South Island. There is little native forests, but what there is is great - we say a bunch more of the big Kauri trees and hiked a ridge trail in an area that is recovering from earlier logging.

I have rearranged the New Zealand pages, putting all the material about our time on the South Island here and the North Island here.

We passed the 5,000 kilometre mark for the trip on Feb 25. For the record, a picture of us at the 5,000km mark!

Close inspection of Brenda's left thigh just above the knee might produce a suspicion of a muscle forming! I suspect it is just a shadow.

My cycling thighs are shrouded in wind pants! It has been so cold for the last few weeks (12C in the morning, rarely above 15C during the day, wind, occasional showers) we have both been dressing for warmth. We could lose our tans by the time we leave New Zealand. I had not worn shorts in 3 weeks at that point. The sun returned when we got to the North Island though and we are short clad again.

The picture makes us look less tanned than we are.

We passed the 6,000km mark for the trip on March 13.

We passed the 3,000km mark for New Zealand on Mar 22.

After all the whining about the weather in the last picture, it really got nice and we have been cycling in shorts and t-shorts. The weather is great and we have been having some luck with the wind, so we are very happy.

Here we are sitting in front of a Kauri tree in a park area of the Coromandel Peninsula. These trees produce beautiful and durable wood and were highly prized by the logging industry to the point that they were almost all cut down. This small grove escaped - these trees are up to 600 years old. The oldest tree was about 4,000 years old when logged.

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