Brenda and Brent - Trip Diary


Dec 23, 2003 to Jan 18, 2004.

Our cycling in Tasmania - and we did cycle almost all the time covering almost 900 km up hill and into the wind - is shown on the map in yellow.

  1. Hobart to Bruny Island and back.

    Bruny Island is an birdy place south west of Hobart.

  2. Hobart to Port Arthur.

    Port Arthur is a former penal colony. We spent New Years Eve with our pals Ruth and Paul.

  3. Sorrel to Mount Field National Park.

    This leg took us out of the more populated area of Southern Tasmania and started us into the plateau in central Tasmania.

  4. Mount Field to Poatina.

    This leg took us across the central plateau - over the mountain.

  5. Poatina to Bicheno

    Back to the lowlands and out to the east coast. The green line represents a bus trip we took to Freycinet National Park - we figured that 80 kms cycling and a 6 hour hike was a bit much for one day, so took the bus.

  6. Bicheno to Sorrel (Hobart airport).

    Along the coast back to Hobart and our flight to New Zealand.

You can see from the map that we covered less than half of the Tasmanian Trail (it is the dark line up the centre of Tasmania) and only about a third of the Island.

The pictures page is here,
Brenda'a diary is here.

Tasmania proved to be a bit more rural and a bit less well connected to the internet than expected. This could well be an unintended consequence of a government policy to connect it up. There is a general system of internet centres associated with schools or colleges around the state. They originally offered internet use almost free, now they charge $5 an hour or so. This has meant that in the smaller centres there is no alternative private enterprise Internet Cafe. Since these are government run, sort of, they operate on government hours. Unfortunately, we cycle most of those hours, wanting Internet access in the evenings.

The result was we only got onto the internet for a few minutes a week for most of our time in Tasmania. So, we have been very late responding to emails and updating this site. We will be in very rural, low population density places for most of our stay in New Zealand as well, so the same may be true there.

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