Brenda and Brent - Trip Diary

Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia

Nov 26 to Dec 23, 2003.
The flight from Sri Lanka to Bangkok went well, but left us tired anyway - but a red-eye was all they offered us. We spent a couple of days in Bangkok getting organized for the flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia and the ruins in the area. The Siem Reap and Angkor Wat pictures - I took 450 in 3 days - are in a page by themselves.

We returned to Bangkok on Dec 1, then took a train to Chaing Mae in northern Thailand. We cycled south from there for about 600km then took the train back to Bangkok. The pictures are here. Another train ride to Hua Hin in southern Thailand (we were running out of time and it was very hot) for a couple of days, then the train again into Malaysia.

Our time in Malaysia was spent with two of my Internet friends (people known only through exchanges of emails on the topics of bird pictures taken with digital cameras and birding scopes, who turned on the Malaysian hospitality for our time in Ipoh.

Brenda has kept up her diary. There are three chapters for the month spent in eastern Asia.

In the map,

  • green - lines are flights completed
  • blue - lines are train travel
  • yellow - lines are bicycle travel
  • red - the train ride into Malaysia.
  • but where is the map of the Malaysian part of the trip?

If anyone has a map of Malaysia I can use, please send it to my yahoo email address. It should be about the size of the other maps and not copyrighted.

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