Brenda and Brent - Trip Diary


We start September 15, 2003 and end April 28, 2004, in Victoria.

Why would anyone leave a place like Victoria, take their bicycles and a few clothes, and head off around the world?

Time will tell.

Here is a shot of the peripatetic pair, taken during a recent trip to the Chilcotin.

Don't let those snazzy outfits fool you - we are very casual cyclists. The occasional weekend ride of 40 or 50 km and Brenda rides to work in the summer - 15 minutes each way. Not hard core cyclists by any means.

We have done two cycling trips before though. The first was 4 weeks in Provence, France. The second, also 4 weeks, was down the U.S. west coast, from Victoria to San Francisco. We figured to put 8 such trips one after the other - should be no problem.

Watch this space for the AFTER pic.

Here are our bicycles, carefully handled by the Air Canada baggage people - on the baggage wagon ready to be put on the plane to vancouver. The ticker handler decided that we should get seats 1A and 9C - as far apart as possible on this plane. We of course wished her and her airline well - we don't use Air Canada again until April.

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