Brenda and Brent - The Countries

We spent 8 months travelling around the world with our bicycles. You can follow the trip from the country list, or using the map.

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Brenda and Brent The journey log of our 8-month cycle tour of the world (with aircraft assist between countries) from Sep 2003 to April 2004 follows. The picture is of us at the 5,000 km point of the trip - along the Buller river, New Zealand south island.

  • Spain - Sep 17 to Oct 10, 2003.

    The Camino de Santiago (a pilgrim trail across northern Spain).

  • South Africa - Oct 11 to Nov 5, 2003.

    Kruger Park, the south coast and Capetown.

  • Sri Lanka - Nov 5 to Nov 26, 2003

    Including the ruins at Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa.

  • Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia - Nov 26 to Dec 23, 2003.

    Including Angkor Wat, cycling in Thailand, and time spent in Malaysia.

  • Tasmania - Dec 23, 2003 to Jan 18, 2004.

    Christmas and New years at the other end of the world.

  • New Zealand - Jan 18 to Mar 31, 2004.

    Over 3,000 kilometres of cycling around the South and North Island.

  • Argentina, Uruguay - April 1 to April 28, 2004

    Ending up with a month in Buenos Aires, Uruguay, and Iguazu Falls.

  • Map of the Route

    Victoria Spain South Africa Sri Lanka Thailand Tasmania New Zealand Argentina Peru The green lines the air portions of our trip: a total of 19 flights and 87,860 kilometres! Since it is only about 40,000 kilometres around the earth at the equator, it is clear that we did not take the most direct routes on this trip. Two connections - South Africa to Sri Lanka and Tasmania to Argentina - involved very roundabout routes.

    We flew on a British Airways 6 Continents ticket - which allows connections to 6 continents with up to 4 flight within each continent. Given the distance we travelled, this turns out to have been quite an inexpensive way to travel.

    The green dots show places we have visited. For further information about a part of the trip, move the mouse pointer to a green spot and click.

    Our email address are below the map.